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Event Title : State of the Black Employee

Event Date: September 29, 2022 | 9:00AM - 4:30 PM EST

Location: Virtual

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Event Description:  We are relentless about engaging and activating employers to pay attention, support, and nurture Black employees with intention to drive business growthAs Black leaders have often struggled to make inroads in a variety of styles of organizations, it is our hope to create a space to amplify the conversation. This will be a space for participants, management thinkers and practitioners to have a collective conversation regarding recognizing the sense of self, growth, resilience, and often unfortunate barriers that occur when you undervalue as well as underserve Black talent.  Our aim is to give voice to the Black employee experience through targeted keynotes for executives, guided facilitation and tools for employee resource group gatherings, and operationalized engagement strategies for BIPOC employees and practitioners.

The goal/themes of this symposium, is to make it truly feel down to EARTH when exploring Black and Brownness in organizations: 

Experience | Sessions speaking to: Emotional tax, racial battle fatigue. Diversity fatigue, etc. 

Advancement | Sessions speaking to anti-blackness and connection to the workplace hiring, performance ratings, promotions, and other advancement outcomes. 

Representation | Sessions speaking to serving as cultural ambassadors, racialized leadership, access, lack of BIPOC professionals in key roles. 

Transformative Healing | Sessions speaking to:  Combatting Internalized anti-blackness, navigating trauma, restorative justice, etc. 

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Target Audience:

HR practitioners

Diversity Equity & Inclusion practitioners

Employee Resource Groups

Executive Leaders & Teams

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